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Modest Fashion

Trending or Evolving?

Are you noticing Modest fashion everywhere these days? We see it on the runways of huge fashion icons from D&G to DKNY and we’re like, WOW! we are amongst seriously good company in our pursuit of promoting modest wear!

As more companies like H&M, and Nike, and Uniqlo join in, our dream of women of all religious backgrounds feeling modern and cool in our brand is becoming a reality.

Oversized shapes, layering ideas, and styles like Boho or Nanny-Chic call out Modest to us.

These trends are influential in the sense that covering up can also be fashionable! These two things are no longer mutually exclusive. Valentino, Zimmermann, and most definitely The Row, are all speaking to a customer that wants fashion and coverage, at no cost to beauty!

There is no doubt that social media played a pivotal role in the growth of this niche market. Women get to share their modest styles and create a real movement through their posts, blogs and You-tube videos.

The internet has obviously shrunken the world into the palm of your hand, and the modest fashion segment really benefited from it. You are one view away to the Dubai, London , or Jakarta Modest Fashion Week. You are one click away to perusing hundreds of modest offerings on a wonderful site called Modli.

Trends tend to run their course and fade out. We believe at Snoga that Modest Fashion has staying and growing power and we hope to ride this continuous wave and be amongst those companies that are there making a difference.