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Celebrating Nine Years of Evolution: The Journey of Snoga Athletics

In 2007, designer Candice Safdieh had a vision: to create leggings with an attached skirt that were not only fashionable but also met the needs of women who preferred modest activewear. Witnessing women wearing mismatched and sloppy-looking combos of leggings and skirts, Candice recognized a gap in the market for well-made activewear that exuded style while respecting modesty. With determination, she brought her vision to life, launching Joyful Activewear and quickly selling out of the first 200 pieces.

Despite the initial success, Candice chose to put her focus on motherhood for several years. However, her passion for providing quality activewear options for women from all backgrounds never waned. In 2015, Snoga Athletics was born out of this dedication. With the relaunch of her brand, Candice introduced attractive and modest activewear that resonated with a diverse audience of women seeking fashionable yet modest options. Since then, Snoga has garnered a loyal following of like-minded individuals who appreciate its commitment to both style and modesty.

For Candice, the most rewarding aspect of building Snoga Athletics has been the daily interactions with women from various cultures and backgrounds. Each woman's story and photograph shared with the brand serve as a reminder of the greater purpose behind Snoga – to support and unite women globally. It's more than just a business to Candice; it's a calling to create a brand that empowers and celebrates womanhood.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Snoga's journey is the diverse community it has built. While Snoga women come from different races, cultures, religions, and demographics, they are all united under a common identity – womanhood. This diverse and inspiring group of women embodies the essence of Snoga Athletics, representing the brand's commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

As Snoga Athletics celebrates nine years of evolution, it's clear that the brand's journey is far from over. With a strong foundation built on passion, dedication, and a commitment to its values, Snoga continues to grow and evolve, inspiring women around the world to embrace their individuality while staying true to their modesty. As Candice Safdieh looks back on the past nine years, she is filled with gratitude for the incredible community of women who have supported and embraced Snoga Athletics. Together, they have created something truly special – a brand that celebrates the beauty and strength of womanhood in all its forms.